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Storage Providers

Storage providers are located in every major city around the world

20 Nines

High Durability

99.999999999999999999 percent durability guaranteed


Cost Savings

Average cost savings compared to traditional cloud storage providers

Radically Inexpensive

We create a competitive marketplace for 20,000+ storage providers to bid on storing an individually useless piece of encrypted data.

Our unique architecture does as much as possible to remove the significance of hardware durability from the equation. Therefore our end storage providers don’t need to invest millions or even billions of dollars on physical infrastructure in order for our solution to be exceptionally durable.

How does it work?

When data is stored with Bifrost Cloud, files are encrypted and broken up into multiple pieces using erasure coding. The pieces are distributed to storage providers across the network.

When data is retrieved from the network, the pieces will be retrieved from various storage providers and the original data will be reassembled and transferred to the client’s local machine and then decrypted for consumption. Only 40% of the pieces are required for reassembly.

At rest, data stored on the network is automatically monitored for file consistency. If available file pieces have fallen below a certain threshold, the network triggers a file repair immediately to make sure it always maintains enough healthy pieces on the network for retrieval.

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What is data resiliency?

Data resiliency is a critical component of any organization's data management strategy, as it refers to the ability of data to endure and recover from various types of failures, such as hardware or power outages, natural disasters, and security breaches. This resiliency is predicated on several key factors, including availability, durability, redundancy, and security, which must be carefully orchestrated to ensure the continuity of data access and protection.

Security & Resiliency Features


Each uploaded file is distributed across 80+ different storage providers worldwide.

Data Privacy

Storage nodes only stores a fraction of the encrypted file to prevent any party from accessing user data in full.

E2E Encryption

Data is always encrypted during transit and at rest

Bitrot Protection

No more worrying about corrupt bits on traditional storage hardware.

Real Time Fire Drilling

Stored data is constantly monitored and replicated for consistency.

Byzantine Fault Tolerant

Our network will keep operating even if some of its nodes fail or goes offline.


Frequently Asked Questions

Academically 11 nines. We SLA 6 nines, if you require greater, we can discuss options.

Academically 20 nines. We SLA 6 nines, if you require greater, we can discuss options.

Erasure coded geo-diverse redundancy is effectively architected as standard in the storage solution.

Bifrost Cloud offers “Hot Storage” with speeds up to 800x faster than cold storage. While distributed cloud storage is slightly slower than centralized cloud storage, the functionality gap is negligible.

Yes, the storage node providers have no access to your data. Assuming you choose to manage your own encryption keys, Bifrost will not have access either.

Between the distributed nature of the architecture and end-to-end encryption, the Bifrost cloud is among the most secure storage solutions available.

In the extremely unlikely case of a breach, Bifrost will provide a thorough briefing as quickly as possible so that you can assess impact and implement mitigation strategies.

End-to-end encryption satisfies most compliance requirements (GDPR etc.) For those with firm data residency requirements, Geofencing is a feature that is planned to be available in the near future.

A common tactic of ransomware is to infect and lock down your backup images and files. Unless they gain access to your Bifrost Cloud account and have your encryption key, ransomware can not prevent you from accessing your data stored on the Bifrost Cloud.

No, any given host only store an encrypted piece of your data that is un-readable without the rest that is distributed among 80 other hosts.

Your data is distributed among our 20K+ nodes located around the world.

With proper forecasting we have the ability to add additional capacity rapidly

Bifrost Cloud allows for multiple avenues for migration. Discuss specific options with your rep.

Nodes are owned by independent operators. The system tracks the reputation of these operators based on the performance of their storage and rewards the top performers with more data.

No, users are not required to be storage providers to use Bifrost Cloud.

Bifrost Cloud has no current policy restricting bandwidth use.

Yes. You can use any compatible backup software that supports a s3 backup destination.

Bifrost is a trust-less network, the service will function the same regardless of the underlying hardware. That being said, if the underlying hardware does not meet the quality standards it will not be allowed to provide storage to the network.

Bifrost Cloud Forge

As a compliment to our core distributed object storage we now offer Forge, an easy to deploy compute environment. Whether your application requires simple general purpose compute or the extreme performance required for AI, we have you covered.

Forge GPC

Forge GPC is for general purpose compute. With a large number of templates already available it couldn’t be easier to rapidly deploy a reliable hyperconverged VM. The supercomputer-inspired design and enterprise-grade architecture allows you to scale operations while dramatically reducing capital expenses and IT support costs.

Forge AI-aaS

Forge AI-aaS is a fully managed cloud AI platform designed to quickly launch AI applications as simply as possible. No AI expertise is required to create, deploy, and manage your AI application.

Partners Network

Bifrost Cloud's partnership program promotes an ecosystem that helps our partners add a new alternative to their arsenal and standout from their competitors.

We are invested to help our partners succeed in their business as they play a vital role in making the world of data storage safer everyday.

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