Archival on the Cloud

Now you can afford to store it all. Active archives, long-term archives, no matter, because at Bifrost Cloud, data storage is simply data storage.

Different Kinds of Data, Different Kinds of Archives

The concept of cold data storage is becoming a thing of the past. When all your data can be stored at the same low price and retrieved with industry-leading performance, data is just data—cheap to store, fast to access.

Active data: Data that resides on direct access storage media, is readily visible to the operating system or application that created it, and is immediately accessible to users. This data is regularly in use and is frequently backed up so that it remains accessible if it should become lost or corrupted.

Active archive: Data that’s too valuable to discard but is accessed rarely.

Inactive archive: Data that’s unlikely to be accessed again, but must be kept for compliance, legal, regulatory, or other business reasons.


Bifrost Cloud storage costs less than yesterday’s cold cloud storage. Now you can afford to keep all your data.


The highest level of data resilience on the market means your data is always at your fingertips.

Data Protection

Guard your data from mishaps, hackers, and thieves with immutable data storage.

No Tiers

Bifrost Cloud’s simple pricing model means no more data tiers. You get access to all data, at the same low price.

Industry Use Cases

Whatever your industry, data is the force that drives it. You can’t gain insights from data you deleted or tucked away in a salt mine. You should be able to affordably store and safely retrieve all your data whenever your business demands it. Whether it’s data for a compliance audit, legal records for the courtroom, or something else, you can now have archived data at your fingertips. And in the era of big data, you can even take the opportunity to use years or even decades of archived data to deliver new analytics insights today. You could bring old data to life for new applications, or even find new ways to monetize your archived data.

Why Bifrost Cloud For Archiving

Many customers archive infrequently accessed data to Bifrost Cloud to save money compared to first- generation cloud storage or on-premise solutions. By using Bifrost Cloud, you free up expensive on-site storage capacity and avoid costly on-premise equipment upgrades. And Bifrost Cloud provides the same economic advantages of a cold cloud storage tier like Amazon Glacier—but without the retrieval delays and extra data access charges.

Bifrost Cloud is fundamentally transforming storage for the media and entertainment industry with the most affordable and most reliable cloud storage solution as well. As video resolutions and frame rates increase and new multi-viewpoint virtual-reality projects multiply, storage requirements for entertainment projects are skyrocketing. Movie, television and game producers can use Bifrost Cloud to store rapidly expanding video libraries in the cloud at radically low cost—without sacrificing data security or integrity. Inexpensive, safe and reliable, Bifrost Cloud is ideal for video production collaboration, backup and archiving applications.

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