Backup Destination

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

One of the most important roles of your storage infrastructure is your ability to back-up and protect your data in case of a problem – whether it’s a small scale file recovery need or a full-blown disaster recovery scenario, failing over to a remote location or straight into the cloud.

As your company grows, this issue becomes more pressing while the solution becomes more difficult. This is why it is critical to choose a storage solution that ensures your data is available whenever you need it. Bifrost Cloud’s distributed erasure coding and extreme geo-redundancy provides as much assurance of data availability as any other solution on the market.

Software Agnostic

You can use whatever backup software you prefer that enables S3 Compatible Storage as a storage destination option.

Offsite or Geo-Redundancy

Many traditional cloud providers recommend storing multiple copies of your backup in multiple datacenter locations for 2x or 3x the cost. With Bifrost Cloud, your data is distributed around the world for no extra cost.


With true end to end encryption (E2EE), multiple levels of encryption and the distributed nature of the architecture your data is extremely secure.

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