Security Firm Chooses Data Resiliency For Surveillance

  • 19th July, 2022

“With money, we can replace equipment pretty quickly, but not data. Money won’t do that. Replacing data would require an incredible amount of time and human resources, and even then we can’t be sure it’s 100% accurate. There really is no way to protect yourself except by spreading the data around. This solution is a huge relief.”

John Rose - Founder of Rose Security

Rose Security's Corporate Backup Case Study (PDF)

Prior to partnering with Bifrost Cloud, Rose Security was struggling to create satisfactory redundancy in their internal data management in the event of an outage at either of their facilities in British Columbia and Alberta.

Multi-site backup is an issue for many companies, especially considering how costly and inefficient the process often is, and Rose Security was no exception. They were backing up their data at their warehouse facility near headquarters in BC, and the proximity of the two locations was a huge concern. What if their server failed? What if there was an outage in the area? Or a fire or a flood? Having the only duplicate of their internal data in a solitary geographic region was putting Rose Security in a position of significant risk. According to the University of Texas, 94% of companies that experience catastrophic data loss do not recover, and Rose Security’s data was geographically vulnerable. Additionally, Rose Security was risking client’s security data being lost along with their own internal data. They needed a safe and resilient solution to their vulnerability problem.

Please enjoy the case study walking through their process of evaluating a cloud storage provider, the migration to Bifrost Cloud, and the increased confidence and security Rose Security has experienced since the move to distributed cloud storage.

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