FTP Integration for Surveillance

  • 19th July, 2022

After many conversations with surveillance dealers around the world, it became clear that there was a need to integrate existing NVR’s with cloud storage without adding a new server to the customer environment. With that in mind, Bifrost Cloud now offers a hosted FTP server solution that will allow most DVR/NVR systems to send video files to our distributed storage solution.

To get started, make sure your DVR/NVR supports FTP/SFTP protocol for image/video archiving, as well as a reliable WAN connection for periodic uploads.

Request a remote FTP service to be deployed and configured against your Bifrost account. Once completed you will be provided with FTP credentials that you can enter into your DVR/NVR network archival configuration.

The remote FTP service will sync any incoming traffic from DVR/NVR directly to bifrost cloud’s distributed storage network with minimal latency in between.

How it works

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