Fact or Fiction: Video Storage Edition

  • 15th February, 2022

There was a time when storing surveillance video on localized hardware made sense. Mostly it made sense because it was the only option on the table. There was also a time where TV’s with rabbit ear antennas made sense. Again, mostly because it was the only option available.

“That’s the way we’ve always done it” is the rationale that leads many solution providers right into obsolescence. While nobody is going to accuse the video surveillance industry of being on the bleeding edge of technology, the time has arrived for a true evaluation of data storage options. We are no longer limited to super inconvenient and unscalable solutions, other technologies have advanced far enough to remove those pain points, and still be less expensive and more reliable.

Traditional video storage vs. Bifrost Cloud Storage for Surveillance

Cost Related Fact vs Fiction:

Fiction: Cloud storage is more expensive than on-premise storage
Fact: On-premise storage presents numerous challenges around hardware replacement costs and risk of failure or file corruption that can far exceed Bifrost Cloud storage, which is the most cost reliable and predictable storage available in the market.

Security Fact vs Fiction:

Fiction: My video surveillance is not as secure in the cloud as it is on-site
Fact: Bifrost Cloud ensures all video files are protected in transit and at rest with a true end-to-end encryption and other features such as immutability.

Fiction: You don’t know who can access your data and how secure it is in the cloud.
Fact: Bifrost Cloud does not own your encryption keys. Without those keys, nobody can access or modify your data.

Fiction: Cloud storage is at increased risk of cyber attacks.
Fact: Bifrost Cloud storage is immune to DDOS and ransomware attacks with proper procedures.

Performance Fact vs Fiction:

Fiction: Latency can delay your access to stored data when you need it most
Fact: With speeds much faster than others, gain instant accessibility to video files through Bifrost Cloud without worrying about complex cold storage tiers that take hours for retrieval.

Fiction: My video surveillance solution doesn’t work with the cloud
Fact: Bifrost Cloud has a deep ecosystem of partners that can help seamlessly extend local storage to the cloud.

Reliability Fact vs Fiction:

Fiction: On-premise solutions are more stable than the cloud.
Fact: Bifrost Cloud storage erasure coding and allows up to 50 isolated points of failure as opposed to no replication and one single point of failure.

The Bottom Line:

In an industry predicated on preventing and minimizing risk, the time is now to mix modern digital storage solutions into your surveillance system designs. Bifrost Cloud offers the most modern solution at a price point that just makes sense.

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