High Resiliency—the most important metric

  • 13th April, 2022

Eighty cameras, always-on, and a legal mandate to keep all surveillance for nine years. That’s a lot of data. Eighty HDDs worth per week, in fact. Eighty, as in 8-0. That’s what Frank [ed. I just made up a name], our friend and a security installation expert with 30 years of experience, purchased in a single week for his client, a small, minimum security prison. Man, had the world of security changed overnight. Higher bitrates, better cameras, and enormous—almost absurd—storage needs. He installed the drives dutifully, onsite, and wondered whether this was sustainable, and what would happen if a drive failed or the prison was hacked or there was a fire or if there was even a competent IT employee on site. . .

House of Cards—How NOT to Think About Data Backups

If the worst happened, who was responsible for the data loss? The prison? Frank? Was there something better than this “Wing and a Prayer” arrangement? For us at BifrostCloud, this is an all too common story. Onsite backups are a weak link: messy, costly, and fraught with legal dangers. Some may say we worry too much, and it’s true. We worry a lot. Your data’s safety keeps us up at night.

What is Data Resiliency?

“If you fall off your bike, get back up,” our parents used to say because they wanted us to be resilient, to bounce back from setbacks. Why didn’t we teach our CEOs the same? So many businesses close after a significant incidence of data loss. They never recover. They never bounce back. What a shame to collapse because their data backups weren’t resilient. We don’t want you to lose your kingdom for want of a nail, so we’ve come up with a way to protect your data that’s just better. How much? You are half as likely to lose any data as our closest competitor.

Yep, a 99.99999999999999999999% guarantee of data protection.

More than that, our customers are half as likely to have any kind of interruption where they can’t access their data. Frank, our security installer friend, knew he needed a better solution than hundreds of hard drive backups on the prison’s premise. But which?

Cloud backups, even redundant backups on different servers, may still be at the same physical address. That’s only a little better than backing up data yourself. There’s still a danger, as companies are finding out, to having all of your backups at the same physical premises.

Data Redundancy, Redundancy, Redundancy, Redun—you get the picture. . .

BifrostCloud solves this problem through geographic diversity. We make more backups and distribute them in more places than anyone else so that your data is always available. And, with so many backups, we can scatter the data in such a way to make it even more secure against hackers and other dangers. BifrostCloud and its partners can’t see your data. Only you can see the whole picture. We live in an increasingly unpredictable world. Let BifrostCloud worry about your data, so you can focus on your business.

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