Cloud Storage has evolved.

  • 22nd February, 2022

Having multiple copies of your data is a staple of any good data storage solution because hard drives fail. Traditional cloud storage is an attractive 2nd destination. It is geo-diverse from your on-prem or primary cloud storage solution, and is often housed in a billion dollar datacenter. Unfortunately, no matter how large of an investment, data centers still have outages. Our news feeds are full of headlines outlining updates gone wrong or even fires destroying facilities, but up until now they were still the best solution we had at our disposal.

This is how Bifrost Cloud is changing the game. Using modern technology, your cloud storage no longer needs to be reliant upon one facility or corporation. Bifrost Cloud’s storage solution distributes your secured data among thousands of possible facilities located around the world. Should 1 or 10 or even 50 of the facilities go down, your secured data is still available and recoverable.

Cloud storage version 1.0 was an amazing tool when it launched in 2006, but technology has evolved. Isn’t it time you took advantage of a more modern solution?

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