Bifrost Cloud Integration With Tiger Technology

  • 19th July, 2022

Bifrost Cloud is excited to announce a certified integration with Tiger Technologies’ Surveillance Bridge that allows for our storage to seamlessly integrate with Milestone, Exacq, and most commonly used VMS’s on the market. This integration will allow surveillance systems to extend their existing storage to our cloud, easily archive video, or replace long term local storage all together.

Some of the Supported VMS Solutions

How does it work

Some Benefits of Hybrid Cloud for Video Surveillance

  • No need to completely scrap a functioning existing solution
  • Build best-of-breed solutions with the open ecosystem
  • Fewer onsite platforms to manage
  • Scaling devices and video quality with little disruption
  • Leave your network connection free during business hours and upload video during the off hours
  • Replicate your locally stored videos to the cloud for additional protection
  • Continuously record video files even if your connection to the cloud is unavailable
  • Access video files from multiple geographic locations as needed

When to Consider Moving a Customer to the Cloud

  • Storage solution nearing end of depreciation cycle
  • Maximum storage capacity is being approached
  • The customer’s storage warranty has expired
  • Their application's performance requirements have exceeded the storage array
  • The storage solution has reached the end of its life
  • New projects create additional storage requirements

Why Bifrost Cloud Storage

Your data. Distributed. Every file is encrypted, split into pieces, and distributed to storage providers all across the globe, increasing redundancy and making data breaches a thing of the past.

  • Built for Organizations at Scale: Organizations around the world choose Bifrost to solve their large scale data storage use cases
  • Enterprise SLA: Highest data availability and durability is guaranteed in our SLA.
  • End-to-End Encryption: Everything is encrypted on your local machine before they are uploaded.
  • AWS S3 Compatible: If you already use AWS S3 API, integration with bifrost is trivial.
  • Multi-Region: Files are split and replicated across multi region servers for redundancy.
  • Lowest Price: Our infrastructure design allows us to cut down your data storage cost by 80%.

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